We design the most suitable solutions to meet the needs that develop the technical and managerial skills of your teams, in order to optimize their performance over the long term.


Our evaluators are specialists in the areas of your interventions, applying international standards and techniques to identify and characterize the results of your projects.


On a continent in continuous change, strategies and programs cannot produce lasting changes without taking gender into account upstream of decision-making and managerial processes.


Sectoral reforms have a lasting effect on the quality of public services. We intervene at various stages of the process to help our customers make the best decisions.


We apply the most suitable strategies and tools to offer our customers solutions that allow them to better understand their situation and the paths to more growth.


By outsourcing your operational and managerial processes, you rely on our professionals to help achieve results while maintaining control of your performance.

About ALG

Strategy, Organization, Management

ALG uses its expertise and advanced tools to support its partners at all stages of the project cycle. We are one of the few consulting firms in Africa that can claim to have worked all over the continent. Our portfolio includes projects and missions relating to public administration, the private sector and civil society.


Our clients and partners must often react quickly to changes and other situations they face and take advantage of opportunities. But the circumstances are not always clear and conventional wisdom is not always the right answer. ALG helps leaders make better decisions, consistently improve performance, and create more values that are critical to economic and social development. Clients appreciate our ability to collect and analyze large volumes of information, identify critical observations and develop the optimal strategy supported by practical recommendations. For leaders, the result is to improve security around crucial decisions

Core business

ALG deploys its expertise in development and growth sectors

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