Final evaluation of partners for security project in Guinea

ALG has carried out the PartnersGlobal’s project’s final evaluation from April to July 2020. 

The project set out to achieve the following objectives:
Objective 1: Increase awareness among the police and community of the role and responsibilities of a police officer.
• Sub-objective 1.1: Design, plan and deliver training support to strengthen the National Police Training School’s curriculum and capacities for conducting basic police training.
• Sub-objective 1.2: Improve communication between police and community.
Objective 2: Improve police and neighborhood leadership’s appreciation for and capacity to implement inclusive, problem-solving processes for safety and security issues.
• Sub-objective 2.1: Support the introduction of Community Safety and Crime Prevention Councils in each target municipality.
• Sub-objective 2.2: Strengthen chefs de quartier to engage in inclusive problem-solving processes on safety and security issues.
Objective 3: Increase women’s capacity to participate in problem solving with the police.
• Sub-objective 3.1: Support initiatives that contribute to restoring trust between police and women.
• Sub-objective 3.2: Engage with women and women’s organizations to increase participation in community safety and crime prevention initiatives.
Objective 4: Increase youth leaders’ participation in problem-solving with the police.
• Sub-objective 4.1: Support initiatives that both increase trust in police officers and improve crime prevention amongst target youth groups.
• Sub-objective 4.2: Build capacities of youth leaders to engage in community safety initiatives.