External Terminal Evaluation of the Transitional Justice & Human Rights Project

  • Project title: Support the capacity of the Government and national stakeholders to establish credible transitional justice processes and mechanisms that promote reconciliation and sustainable peace in The Gambia.
  • Country: The Gambia
  • Client: UNDP
  • Period: June-July 2021

The evaluation had five key objectives:

  1. To assess the contribution of the project activities to the realization of project objectives and outcomes by determining how relevant, efficient, effective, and sustainable the project is.
  2. To identify and provide analysis of the factors that have either positively or negatively affected/impacted the project beneficiaries.
  3. To recognize any possible catalytic effects of the project.
  4. To assess the project’s contribution towards national strategies on transitional justice and human rights, as well as peacebuilding, including its contribution towards strengthening Government-led coordination and planning in this sector.
  5. To provide recommendations for improving UN support to transitional justice and human rights in The Gambia, including the country’s sustainable peace agenda on transitional justice and human rights.