eHealth for Africa strategy development

Project title: ICD for health in Africa

Countries: 12 sample countries and the whole continent

Client: Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)

Period: November 2022-March 2023

Description of the project:

ALG has carried out this assignment for IsDB. The general objective is to develop an eHealth program in Africa that will allow for patient- centric health care provision enabled by interconnected ICTs for health. The specific objectives are: (i) Enhancing access to quality health services; (ii) Reducing the overflow of hospitals and medical centres; and (iii) Freeing up medical staff for underserved regions.
Therefore, the study will assess the status and opportunities for investments for the improved status of e-health systems in African member countries.

The study will assess the current status of ICT and innovation in the Health sector, including governance arrangements, in IsDB 12 African Member Countries, and identify investment opportunities to harness digital technologies’ use and appropriate application to build resilient health systems. This will help develop the Bank’s investments in digital health for enhanced resilience among member countries. This study will be conducted in consultation with all key stakeholders within the national health ecosystems, including governments, Partners, private sector NGOs, and CSOs such as the Health practitioners Association and Unions; Universities, and the private sector.