Our Recent Project references

Burundi – Providing high expertise on social protection  in Burundi – UNICEF

Guinea- Final evaluation of project Partners for Security in Guinea: ‘Reforming the Police to Better Inform Citizens’ – Department of State

Congo- Final evaluation of the project ‘Promotion of the rights of indigenous peoples through the strengthening of the indigenous movement in the Congo and the institutionalization of indigenous representativeness’ – EU

WAEMU- Study on the mechanism for promoting cultural and creative enterprises and industries in the WAEMU space – WAEMU

West Africa – Review of labels for industrial food products according to the horizontal legislation of West African countries – SPRIM

Study for the preparation of a framework Document on the free movement of services in the WAEMU space – WAEMU

Audit of the Regional Program “Reproductive Health and HIV Prevention in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Region” – KfW

Guinea – Technical Assistance to the Provisional Commission for reflection on transitional justice mechanisms – United Nations

Senegal- Study on the management of jurisdictions – World Bank Group

Niger- External evaluation of the LE/LESA V program: Educational Support Project for Koranic Schools (PAPEC) & Self-Promotion Support Project in the Department of Téra (APTE) – EIRENE

Artificer-minesweeper training for airport security officers in Burkina Faso – World Bank

Burkina Faso -Study for the development of the National Program for the control of the Quality of Civil Aviation Safety – World Bank

Côte d’Ivoire – Audit of the accounts and financial statements of the Human Resources Development Program – AfDB

Burkina Faso – Gender diagnosis of Burkina Faso ministries and institutions

Burkina Faso – Capacity bulding of central directors of the Ministry of  public service and State reforme

DRC – Study for the preparation of texts for administrative decentralization and technical assistance to the Ministry of the Civil Service – World Bank

WAEMU – Complementary study and implementation of the Commercial Policy of the site

Burundi – Second survey of beneficiaries of the Emergency Demobilization and Transitional Reintegration Project- World Bank

West Africa – Development of the directory of cultural organizations in West Africa – European Union

Burundi-Baseline study of the support program for the health province of Kirundo 

Burundi – Training of the Public Enterprise Service (CEP) officers in Privatization Technique – World Bank

Burundi – Study on the development of methodological tools for transitional justice – UNDP

Burundi – Training in business law for magistrates of the commercial court – World Bank

Togo – Financial and strategic audit of the phosphate sector – World Bank

Burundi – Capacity building of state institutions and civil society organizations on the fight against corruption – USAID

Rwanda – Capacity building of elected officials and administrative staff of Bugesera District – World Bank

Burkina Faso – Technical coordination of the competition for excellence in local governance – World Bank

Burkina Faso – Study on transparency and accountability of local governments in Francophone Africa. – World Bank

Burkina Faso – Assistance with civil work and strengthening of the governance of local governments – EU

Togo – Technical assistance for the national concertation of civil society – UN

Burundi – Diagnostic study of the legal and judicial system

Legal audit of CILSS texts