Study on the management of jurisdictions in Senegal

Project: Study on the management of jurisdictions in Senegal

  • Country: Senegal
  • Client: Program of Economic Governance
  • Perdiod: 2014
  • Funding agency: World Bank

The mandate entrusted and executed by ALG covered the following aspects:

  1. Diagnostic study; situation assessment and problem identification
  2. Design of the organizational solution and recommendations for the implementation of the program as well as implementation and training plans.

From this diagnosis, emerged operational reform proposals in accordance with international best practices in the area, to improve:

  • the organization of the courts for a better distribution of justice;
  • the reduction of the periods of judgment;
  • reducing the time limits for issuing court decisions;
  • the specialization of judges and staff of the registry;
  • training of judicial personnel;
  • transparency and good governance in the management of jurisdictions.

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