External evaluation of the LESA V program in Niger

Project: Mid-term evaluation of the LE/LESA V program: Educational Support Project for Koranic Schools (PAPEC) & Self-Promotion Support Project in the Department of Téra (APTE)

  • Country: Niger
  • Client: EIRENE
  • Period: 2014

The objective of the evaluation implemented by ALG evaluators is to assess the activities and results of the projects and to note whether they have contributed to the achievement of the objectives of the projects, but also to have proposals on how to better achieve its objectives during of the remaining duration of this phase and recommendations for the formulation of a next phase:

  • Have an analysis of the management, execution, achievements and impact of the program given its objectives, goals and available means;
  • Have a well-founded appreciation of the approach developed by the project and its value as a model;
  • Have concrete suggestions for improving the approach and suggestions for a possible continuation in the medium and long terms (potential for national or even regional expansion including concrete suggestions).

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