Transports & Logistics

Increasingly, governments and transport stakeholders are seeking to leverage private sector and financial innovation to improve the supply of public transport to meet the needs of a growing population In addition mobile. The ability to ensure safety and service time is also crucial to meet the demands of consumers and businesses.

Transportation operators are expanding rapidly, while seeking to better optimize capacity and demand, implementing performance management strategies, targeting proposals for services and marketing programs, building on technology and Improved operational performance. Infrastructure providers and asset managers focus on managing costs in life through better supply chain management, outsourcing and outsourcing strategies and operational “best practices”.

The changing market conditions also affect companies that are active in the road transport markets. The search for increased efficiency, cost structures and a better international presence has led many companies in this sector to redefine their strategies. While some increase their presence and degree of vertical integration, others are successfully concentrating on high value niches. Consumers are also becoming more attentive and demanding. They want suppliers who can offer a full range of products and services, offering opportunities for re-positioning and value creation.

ALG provides strategic and commercial consulting expertise for the transportation sector, after conducting dozens of missions with government agencies, public companies and private companies. We apply our rigorous analytical approach to the toughest problems in the industry and
Provide expertise in areas that include revenue forecasting, demand management, business performance regimes, bid preparation, strategic and regulatory advice, asset management, cost analysis, and Capacity modeling.