Media & Publications

In a changing world, information management, data on people and organizations are of great importance. Piracy has an impact on distribution revenues, particularly on the Internet and mobile applications, offering opportunities for growth as well as competitive and operational challenges. The very nature of advertising is changing almost overnight.

Africa Label has in-depth knowledge of this sector and the many other factors driving media and entertainment. We have proven experience in helping clients meet their most important challenges and take advantage of opportunities to develop strategic initiatives with greater certainty. We work with some of the most recognized companies in the company.

We provide our clients with the insight they need to invest wisely and regain confidence.

We are experts in the design and publication of technical books covering various fields of competence.

We develop strategic documents for our clients, such as annual reports, seminar documents, directories, etc.

Customers are turning to ALG through the full spectrum of media and publishing, including:

Broadcasting and communications
Production of documentary films
Music production
The print edition
The online press edition
The publication of specialized works
Managing media relations.