Justice and judiciary services

The construction of the rule of law, the consolidation of democracy, the strengthening of reconciliation, political, economic and financial governance are all areas requiring continuous monitoring and appropriate accompaniment. In several African countries, litigants do not trust the courts. The judicial organization itself is often undermined by precariousness, corruption and deprivation. But justice is one of the criteria of reliability of a country, which should foreign partners.

There are many problems facing justice in Africa. A great deal of the population has no access to it. Law seems to be the prerogative of the rich and the urban populations. Judicial personnel are sometimes ill-trained and ill-equipped to deal with the matters entrusted to them. There are dichotomies between modern positive law and traditional conflict management practices.

ALG supports states in their policies and programs of reform of the legal and judicial system.

Our interventions include various forms of services including:

Legal audit of organizations
Diagnostic study of legal and judicial system
Study on the management of jurisdictions
Strengthening the capacity of judicial staff
Strategic planning of judicial institutions
Organizational audit of judicial institutions
Juridic assistance.

Recently, ALG has carried out two major projects in the field:

Study on the Management of Jurisdictions (Senegal in 2014)
Study of the legal and judicial system (Burundi in 2009)
Legal audit of CILSS texts (Ouagadougou, 2008).