Information Technology

The integration of information and communication technologies into management processes and development strategies is now imperative. ALG has set up an ICT department that offers various services in the field.

Governments and public services in Africa are looking for solutions to offer the best services. Administrators and users want to be better informed about the actions of their leaders. We develop innovative tools for governance. The benefits of e-government (or e-government) are many:

Making services available via the Internet 7 days a week, 24 hours a day;
Extend their accessibility to new access channels such as personal computer connected to the Internet, digital terminals in public places, interactive television, mobile phones …;
Improve the comfort of use (no queues, more information, no need to move …)
Structure services according to the needs of the citizens (the intentions) and not according to the internal structure of the administration;
Offer new personalized services to citizens and businesses (for example online tax calculation, follow-up on current administrative procedures, consultation of personal files, e-mailing of tailor-made information, etc.);
Improve and accelerate the tracking and processing of applications;
Ensure greater transparency and proactivity of the administration;
Faster delivery of better targeted information;
Simplify administrative procedures more quickly
In particular by reducing the number of forms and attestations to be completed;
Fostering greater citizen involvement and participation (e-citizenship);
Serve as an example for all economic agents and encourage them to appropriate new technologies.

ALG offers services covering the entire range of e-administration to its customers:

Design of management solutions,
Information system services,
Web Solutions (Internet + Intranet)