Human Capital

Human Resources Management is an issue for the public or the private sector. The challenges of HRM today refer to Africa’s organizational, social and societal issues. From public administration to the private sector, Human Resources Management is intimately linked to issues related to strategy, finance and change.

Regardless of the sector in question, it must be acknowledged that HRM, due to the changes that the organization is facing, leads to a permanent adjustment between the needs and the skills and aspirations of the individuals who support it.

Our recent interventions in this area have led us to make two observations:

1. the strong aspiration of the personnel to an individualisation which supposes a more fine management
2. the need for an organization to be able to translate its needs as closely as possible into the workplace.

ALG supports its clients in the development of their human resources management strategy and throughout the capacity building process to achieve performance

Because we are convinced that a size can not fit all feet, we adapt our approaches to the specific needs of the customer. In the face of all these challenges, our clients use our services for a complete range of services including:

  • The development of the HRM strategy
  • The development of the HRM Action Plan
  • Assessment of continuing education needs
  • The implementation of a remuneration policy
  • Career Management
  • Payroll Management