Financial services

The financial services market is a diverse and complex sector facing fierce competition and intensification of regulatory pressure. Customers build a better understanding of the products and profitability of services to enable them to offer better targeted products with more sophisticated pricing to specific segments of the customer. Focusing on strategic alliances are also an important driver of improving profitability.

ALG has carried out several financial services missions throughout Africa by proposing solutions that have shaped and defined growth strategies. Our Interventions in this area are varied. They mainly concern:

We help product providers in the banking and insurance industry respond to mature market dynamics, differentiate their offerings, increase customer loyalty to the brand, and respond to price pressures.
We help asset management firms capitalize on growth potential as fund flows flow through both traditional and alternative asset classes.
We advise our state partners to access international financing and profitable investments for them.
We support non-state partners to benefit from cooperation grants.