Ecnomics and development

To enable the majority of the population to escape the potential for qualitative leaps. Donor agencies and development partners are involved in programs designed and implemented according to theories and concepts they believe in. The solutions proposed to escape from precariousness, hunger and marginalization would only be effective if they were understood and accepted by the persons concerned.

Our experts apply modern techniques of macroeconomic and microeconomic analysis to the study of the economic, social, environmental and institutional problems our clients face.

The development economy plays a central role in the services offered by ALG. We bring our customers to identify the best solutions for them. We help our clients design projects and programs that meet the most pressing needs while delivering the most sustainable results.

ALG has carried out dozens of missions related to the economy and development. Clients appeal to us when they need our expertise to conduct research and analysis that allows us to engage in actions that produce change. Among the range of professional services in this field:
* Millenium Objectives for Development,
* Sustainable development
* Gender and Development
* Local Development
* Communautary development
* Poverty Reduction Strategy
* Good economic governance