Decentralization and local governance

Bringing the decision-making centers closer to each other is one of the recent political changes in Africa. Whether it is territorial, technical or financial, decentralization can only succeed when the actors identify the demands and develop the skills to live up to the expectations of the populations.

It is important that any decentralization process should lead to a proper understanding of the strategic orientations of political governance, which is imparted by leadership but also in good understanding with local development issues.

ALG works with local authorities and civil society organizations to develop actions that improve the living conditions of populations in several countries. Our interventions cover the following aspects:

Support for the development of Local Development Plan
Strengthening the capacities of local elected representatives
Delegated contracting authority for projects and programs
Fundraising Consulting
Development of communication and marketing plan
Feasibility studies for urban projects
Twinning Negotiation and Decentralized Cooperation
Rating and certification of local authorities
Monitoring and evaluation of projects and local development program.