Cultural industries

Despite the political and organizational uncertainties in Africa, it is indeed that of the arts and culture. This may be due to the difficulties they face and the extent to which they seem sometimes to be the object of political decision-makers. These real problems can not lose sight of the reality of the dynamics of change that the sector has experienced in recent years in all parts of Africa. African art is maintained more than acknowledged. Major events are organized both on the continent and elsewhere in the world to celebrate this art. Several states and regional organizations are implementing their cultural policy, demonstrating their commitment to give culture and the artistic thing their proper place.

The only nuance that could be brought to this progress is that it does not carry real initiatives capable of mobilizing the resources necessary to impose art as a profession participating in the economy and the development of Countries, as well as other sectors.

ALG actively participates in both reflections and actions to make culture a vector of development. We capitalize for this on the varied and rich expertise of specialists in performing arts, visual arts, heritage, visual arts, literature, dance and other multimedia.

We work with states, regional organizations, cultural organizations to develop viable and profitable cultural actions.

Our partners and clients call upon us to assist them in a wide range of services including:

The development of cultural policies
The design of the business plan of cultural projects
Evaluation of cultural or artistic events or organizations
The development of international partnerships
Management of cultural projects.