Public administration

Public Administration is the set of services that contribute to the achievement of State missions, missions of general interest.

These missions can be classified in four main categories, sovereign or sovereignty (Foreign Affairs, Defense, Security, Interior, Justice), economic and financial, social, cultural and educational.
The public service is the only one able to exercise the missions related to the sovereignty of the State. But from one country to another, the report is made of the evils and crises that the Administration knows. States’ development ambitions are sometimes annihilated by a heavy, indolent, or even inappropriate administration.

Whether it is a post-conflict situation or a situation of normal governance, the need for reform is everywhere.

Africa Label Group assists States in the design, implementation and evaluation of their public administration reform program and policy.

We help governments control their process of reform.
One country faced the inefficiency of its public service after several years of crisis. Reforms initiated with the support of various partners were slow to produce results.

We assist public authorities to initiate changes in public management
Disparities in the remuneration of public officials had the effect of demotivating workers. The weight of the wage bill had become untenable for the state.

We promote new practices for good governance
In the era of technology, public services can not function effectively without mastering the tools of information systems.

We assist local authorities to access national and international funding opportunities.

Decentralized entities do not have all the skills and techniques to meet their needs. Helping them access the means to realize their development program makes a difference.