Partner with us

ALG provides strategy, organization and management services to public and private institutions in Africa. 

This is delivered through interventions ranging from studies and research, evaluations and audits, program development and implementation, technical assistance to processes, steering of decision-making processes. Complementing this work we also deliver various targeted projects and services to clients with specific requirements to help them to progress.

Partnership Opportunities

We have a strong track record of developing services in collaboration with our statutory and business sector partners, consulting and audit firms and public sector-based specialist support. We are seeking potential providers/subcontractors, particularly those who have proven expertise in their chosen area/s of delivery and whose visions and values reflect our own.

ALG also develops partnerships in the form of groups or consortia to respond to calls for tenders in key areas where our expertise must be combined with that of others to offer the best possible services. 

Any organisations that are interested in working with us should contact us at:

Associate Opportunities

ALG has an Associate Register of qualified professional services providers, who we call upon to undertake consultancy work on an ad-hoc basis.

The Associate role:

  • To represent ALG by providing consulting services, advice and support to organizations including, government agencies, NGOs, international development agencies…
  • To provide a service in liaison with ALG to each client/partner on the completed delivery plan.  Each Associate will need to keep up to date with national and local regulations relating to professional service delivery.

If you would like to discuss working in partnership with us please email