ALG in Senegal

The Senegalese branch of Africa Label Group is in the process of being established. It follows a series of projects carried out in the country, enabling the firm to have a powerful pool of experienced partners and consultants. The ALG Senegal office is scheduled to be operational by December 2017.

Among the missions carried out by ALG in Senegal, there is the study on the management of jurisdictions, a mission with the Ministry of Justice, with a funding from the World Bank. Previously, ALG supported civil society organizations in a capacity building and strategic planning program. These are NGOs that got the support from USAID.

About Senegal

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Senegal has the fourth largest economy in the West African sub-region after Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana. Given its geographical location and its political stability, Senegal is one of the most industrialized African countries with the presence of multinationals which are mainly of French origin and to a lesser extent American. The country’s labor force is divided as follows: 15.5% is devoted to agriculture, 21.7% to industries and 62.3% is devoted to services.

Senegal is the second country in the subregion in terms of job creation behind Nigeria, followed by Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana. The presence of the European and North American High Schools makes this country highly educated, the best candidate of the subregion in terms of job creation. Senegalese are very good at creativity and business management.

The Senegalese economy is mainly oriented towards Europe and India. Its main economic partners are France, India and Italy. However, for several years, China has been a growing partner, as witnessed by the China-Africa summits.

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