ALG in Burundi

ALg Burundi SPRL is a branch of the Africa Label Group. Since 2008, ALg has carried out a dozen projects in the country, in various sectors. Among our interventions:

  1.  Diagnostic study of the legal and judicial system (2008)
  2. Technical Assistance to the Organization Against Corruption and Economic Mismanagement, OLUCOME (2007-2009)
  3. Study on the development of methodological tools for transitional justice (2009)
  4. Training in business law for magistrates of the commercial court (2009)
  5. Training of the Public Enterprise Service (CEP) in Privatization Technique (2010)
  6. Strengthening the capacities of local Mayors (2010)
  7. Start-up study of the support program for the health province of Kirundo (2011)
  8. Study of beneficiaries of the PDRT program (2011).

About Burundi

Burundi is an East African country. He is a member of the East African Community (which also includes Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya). Burundi’s economy is predominantly rural and is based on agriculture and livestock. Agricultural production is distributed among products for export, such as coffee, tea and cotton, and food crops. The coffee sector is the country’s largest resource (80% of exports).

The population depends on more than 90% of this agriculture, which accounts for more than 50% of GDP (1999: 800 million USD). Industry accounted for 18% of GNP in 1999, and services accounted for 32%.

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Africa Label Group Burundi, Sprl.

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