Burkina Faso

ALG in Burkina Faso

In 2007, ALG set up its international headquarters in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso). The firm’s interventions in the country are numerous and varied. These include:

Support to decentralization actors and local governance
Strengthening the capacity of public sector actors
Assistance in management of development programs and projects
Evaluation and audit of projects.

Among our achievements in Burkina Faso:

  1. Legal audit of CILSS texts (2008)
  2. Study on transparency and accountability of local governments in Francophone Africa (2008)
  3. Technical assistance to local authorities (2008-212)
  4. Strengthening the capacities of the cadres of the Ministry of the Civil Service and the Reform of the State -2010)
  5. Directory of Cultural Organizations in West Africa (2010)
  6. Development of the National Civil Aviation Quality Control Program (2011)
  7. Training of the agents of the airports of Burkina Faso in deminers. (2011 and 2012)
  8. Strengthening the capacities of the executives of the Ministry of Youth, Vocational Training and Employment (2012).
  9. Gender diagnosis and public institutions (2013).

About Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a West African country.The territory of Burkina Faso is divided into 13 regions and subdivided into 45 provinces, 350 departments and 8,000 villages.