Values et Culture

ALG attaches great importance to ethics and responsibility in all its interventions.

We are committed to:

Employ high quality professional experts
Achieve expected results through quality advice, expert training and practical assistance.
Achieve financial results through efficient management of the resources made available to us.
Our entire team shares our values, including:


At ALG, ethics comes before profit. We are faithful to our principles, to our employees and to our profession. We make it a point of honor to handle situations that come before us with rigor and honor. And we are independent in the way we think and act.


Achieving the goals set for us is an obligation. In an industry where competition is fierce, our know-how and the conviction in the efficiency of our solutions allow us to produce results beyond the expectations of our customers.


Called continuously to solve problems in an environment where situations are similar, we force ourselves to approach each case with hindsight. We don’t have a fixed solution; our ideas evolve in a dynamic of improvement and efficiency.


We are invited to work with institutions where our expertise is combined with internal skills to generate lasting change. Our ability to solve problems is combined with the availability of our customers to cooperate.

Dedication to customers and partners
Each mission that we accept to accomplish is a commitment whose foundation transcends the simple contractual framework.


We are here to stay. Faces change, generations succeed, but our relationships, our experience and our skills continue. We know how to learn from the past, keeping our eyes on the future.