Mali: aterrorist attack in Intiklatene

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Inékar, Mali

“Terrorists affiliated with Daesh burst into the town of Intiklatene on February 26, killing at least 9 people,” said the same source, adding that the “attackers also took away a hundred animals”.

In a press release, the Idaksahak community also once again drew the attention of the transitional authorities, the signatory movements and all the country’s partners to the massacres which began in March 2022 and which caused several hundred civilians killed and thousands of animals taken away, thus destroying the entire economy of the region.

The same source also reported nine civilians killed and another kidnapped who was able to escape from the hands of his captors, at the village of Emi-semis, late at night.

As a reminder, the Ménaka region has been confronted, since March 3, 2022, with attacks attributed to armed men belonging to the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (EIGS).

Source: Aube Nouvelle

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