Living Income Learning Project Impact Evaluation

  • Client name: Fairtrade International
  • Countries of assignment: Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana
  • Period: April-May 2022

The scope of the evaluation covers at least six Fairtrade cocoa cooperatives in Cote d’Ivoire which

participate in a GIZ funded Living Income Learning project, but ideally also includes an analysis of

two additional cooperatives (one in Ghana and one in Cote d’Ivoire) for which farm record data have

been collected in different living income projects for cross-learning.

Overall tasks completed by ALG:

  • Systematize, clean and analyse the data collected through farm record books and quantify progress made in relation to baseline results (where available).
  • Collect complementary data in order to monetize, quantify and evaluate in-kind income improvement of target farmers through project interventions, premium use and cooperative services;
  • Triangulate and validate the analysed data results with relevant project stakeholders;
  • Provide descriptive statistics about the breakdown of household incomes and expenditures, production costs, household labour employment, demographics, and other key predefined income indicators.
  • Evaluate the results and impact of the different project interventions and cooperative services to members in terms of progress towards target values for key income drivers as assumed in the Living Income Reference Price model.
  • Assess the underlying model assumptions and key variables of the Living Income Reference Price model.
  • Provide recommendations for potential adjustments of the LIRP variables, based on the results.
  • Expand the impact evaluation to two additional living income projects for which farm record data have been collected, involving a cooperative in CDI and a cooperative in Ghana, and compare the results in relation to the project specific interventions.